The Automated Sales Machine that helps Apartment Industry Vendors Sell More Using  Modern Technology to 10x their business
Target and Reach your Ideal Clients 24/7 on Demand
Home Shopping meets the  Multifamily Trade Show
Imagine having the uninterrupted focus of your ideal client one-on-one with no other competition. Showcase your product and deliver valuable information your clients need to know about the Multifamily Apartment Industry.
With our unique utilization of multiple platforms-broadcast, online, mobile, podcast audio, and social channels—we offer vendors the tools to begin and build relationships with our engaged community of local and national multifamily professionals.
Bring in up to 6 live presenters! All six presenters, neatly arranged, in full motion video. Impress Your Audience! 
We use the latest WebRTC Live Casting Standards, and is just one of the exclusive, cutting edge technologies that sets our Webinars far apart.

You're in full control of what you want to display in your webinar. Seamlessly switch back and forth between different video signals:
 a slide presentation, your screen desktop, your webcam, any specific application running on your computer, a Word or PDF document, all with the click of a mouse

Chat in real time with your attendees, take their questions, cast polls and surveys, display promotional offers
Maximize sales, send and respond to private messages. Now you can communicate, consult, teach and sell to highly-engaged Multifamily attendees.

Everything you need to create and control your viewer's experience is now gathered in one highly customizable interface
You can display in a separate browser tab, a dual screen monitor, or on a separate laptop.

Say that you're using your webinars to sell or promote something... And you get to that point where you want people to actually BUY your stuff...
Wouldn't it be ideal if they could actually just click a button to buy it? Well, now it is... Just pre-configure whatever type of offer you have, then display it in real-time on your attendees' screens when you're ready to pitch your offer.
Keep control of your branding, your design, and your traffic Easily display the webinar registration box on your website or blog using a short embed code.

Just embed a "Click to Register" link in your broadcast email. Then anyone that clicks on that link will be automatically registered for your upcoming webinar!
That's right, no bounce, no lost registrations, no annoying "filling of the forms"...
Send automated email reminders of your webinar. Queue up a series of automated pre-webinar email reminders, to keep your event on their radar...

Yes! Your registrants will be able to register and access your webinar no matter their device, operating system or internet browser.
PC or Mac... desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android... Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari... it doesn't matter, we're compatible with them all!
Target and Reach your Ideal Clients 24/7 on Demand
No Set up, just show up, teach, engage and sell!
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